Frenectomy in Kingman, AZ

Frenectomy in Kingman, AZ

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure to excise the frenum, which is a connective tissue like the fold under the tongue or the gums, lips, and cheeks. There are two types of frenum, lingual and labial frenum. Lingual frenum is the tissue that connects your tongue to the bottom part of the mouth while labial connects the upper and lower lips.

When the lingual frenum is too far down the tongue, it can cause difficulty in eating and interfere with speech, commonly referred to as ‘tongue-tied.’ Labium frenum, on the other hand, enlarges the gap between the two front teeth.

Why Frenectomy?

Elongated lingual frenum in infants makes it hard for them to feed or nurse sufficiently. If not corrected, the abnormality may cause the patient to have difficulty in speech, or inability to extend the tongue normally. In extreme cases, a child may experience discomfort or pain when swallowing hence the need for frenectomy.

Labium frenum poses orthodontic problems. The enlarged gap may harbor germs and food particles that lead to cavities, bad breath, and other dental problems. Frenectomy will also improve your self-confidence by eliminating the space between your teeth.

At High Desert Dental clinic, you will meet an experienced dental expert who carries out frenectomy procedures with utmost gentleness and precision. After a thorough assessment of the frenum, the dental team will determine the right remedy. Noninvasive and natural methods are implored first if the effects are mild.

Treatment of frenum requires frenectomy. The surgical procedure lasts for about 10-15 minutes.

Why Choose Us for Frenectomy?

We employ a holistic approach to all our patients. The team is keen on a natural approach and only implores invasive methods when necessary.

Postsurgical care is crucial for seamless healing. Ideally, the patient should recover within two weeks. Medics at High Desert Dental clinic educate patients on how to keep the area clean and avoid unnecessary tongue movement that may aggravate the wound and slow down healing. To reduce soreness at the surgical area, we administer pain-relieving medication.

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During the appointments, we monitor the progress and ensure you take the shortest time possible to recover. Are you having problems with your frenum? Plan to visit our clinic in Kingman, Arizona.

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