Pediatric Sealants in Kingman, AZ

Pediatric Sealants in Kingman, AZ

Your child’s teeth are more prone to cavities than yours. This is because a child’s teeth are sensitive and not yet fully formed. Even if you prohibit them from eating candy, you can never be 100 percent sure of fighting tooth decay.

When your child’s tooth suffers from decay, it does not have to lead to loss of the tooth. Today, dentists have devised pediatric sealants so your kids can enjoy full dental health. At High Desert Dental, we can seal decayed teeth in kids just as effectively as in adults.

The need for pediatric sealants

The chewing surface of your child’s teeth is more susceptible to cavities than any other part. This is because the surface is rough and easily traps food particles. The pits and fissures on the surface should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Otherwise, the trapped food invites bacteria. Before you know it, plaque sets in and the tooth might need extraction.

Our clinic in Kingman, Arizona is fully fitted with a pediatric wing. Here, we examine children’s teeth to determine their suitability for pediatric sealants. We could also examine their parents’ dental structure to determine the dental history in the family. If your child is a good candidate for sealants, their treatment will start immediately.

How we do pediatric sealants

Dental sealants are plastic resin materials. Our dentists place them to smooth the otherwise rough surfaces of the back teeth. This makes them resistant to bacteria and helps in avoiding decay. We then guide you on how to brush the teeth to ensure the resin stays in perfect shape and color.

Your child will then be allowed to go home. For the first few days of recovery, we may put the patient on a semisolid diet. We encourage children to avoid sugary foods. They will then be required to take colored foods and drinks after a couple of days. Examples are tea, coffee, and brightly colored fruits.

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We encourage you to choose pediatric sealants at our High Desert Dental clinic because of our wealth of experience. We treat all patients like family. Your children will feel right at home. Afterward, they will lead happy lives full of dental health.

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