Periodontics in Kingman, AZ

Periodontics in Kingman, AZ

Periodontics is the study and practice of treating periodontal disease. It is conducted by highly trained, qualified and experienced dental professionals in clinical environments. Periodontics are dentists who have studied several additional years on top of the ordinary dental qualification.

Also referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease is a complex condition of the gum. It first manifests itself as gingivitis, a condition characterized by mild bacterial infection. Your dentist can simply administer anti-microbial mouthwash if the condition is in the first stage.

How periodontics are done

The second stage of periodontal disease is referred to as periodontitis. Here, our dentists can administer root planing and periodontal scaling to physically remove the infection. You may have to come back to our clinic for additional oral exams to ensure that infection does not spread.

Our dental assistants will prepare your mouth by numbing it. Next, a dental expert will perform a deep cleansing, not just on your teeth surface, but also on the roots beneath the surface. This is an effective plaque removal procedure.

Examples of periodontics at our clinic

Examples of periodontics are gum graft surgery, and laser treatment. Most of these procedures must be planned for in advance. The High Desert Dental clinic has opened its doors for years to cater to the needs of patients with periodontics and other dental problems.

Other examples of periodontics that we offer are dental implants and plastic surgical procedures. While these procedures sound complicated, we can complete them within several minutes or a few hours. Feel free to visit our clinic in Kingman, Arizona.

Why you should choose our periodontics treatments

We have successfully done periodontics to prevent tooth decay and cavities. We expose the plaque that slowly builds up on teeth and gum. The direct result is healthy teeth and gums that are free from infection. You will boast of strong teeth that are able to bite and chew food well.

There is a direct relationship between periodontics treatments and improving your smile. The absence of foul odor makes you confident when speaking to people. Plaque-free teeth lead to overall oral health and improved self-esteem. High Desert Dental opens its doors to the old and young alike.

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