Root Canals in Kingman, AZ

Root Canals in Kingman, AZ

Root canals are the dental practices that deal with treating the soft tissues inside the tooth called pulp. The pulp is a mixture of soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings. It is responsible for supplying blood to the teeth. Just like any other parts of the tooth, the pulp is susceptible to disease and infection.

Root canals are recommended to patients with deep decay. If your cavity has affected your permanent teeth from the surface to the root, you are a good candidate for the root canal. You do not have to worry about pain or discomfort because the procedure is done under controlled anesthesia.

How Root Canals are Done

Feel free to explain your dental challenges with our dentists on your first visit. Have you undergone previous tests or treatments elsewhere? Bring the dental report with you. Our attentive office assistant will introduce you to a dental expert who will assess your suitability for root canals.

Once it has been determined that the root canal is the best remedy for your problem, treatment starts immediately. The dental surgeon will remove the infected pulp from the tooth. Next, he will clean and administer antibiotics into the empty space left behind.

We like to use gutta-percha, a material that assumes the exact shape, color and anatomy of your pulp. It replaces your infected pulp so well that the tooth functions normally. Finally, we will install a covering crown on the tooth surface to protect the inside of the tooth.

Why You Should Choose Us for Root Canals

High Desert Dental center is equipped with equipment and technologies that diagnose underlying infections of the tooth root and canal. We are led by a team of highly experienced root canal dental surgeons and assistants. We work closely with you even after the root canal to ensure fast and effective recovery. For these reasons, we are the leading dental clinic in Kingman, Arizona.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in performing root canals. This saves the patient’s natural tooth, preserving its ability to bite and chew food. Our latest root canal equipment allows for accurate procedures that take a few hours. We will advise you on protective approaches to keep the crown in perfect health.

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