TMJ Treatment in Kingman, AZ

TMJ Treatment in Kingman, AZ

The temporomandibular joint is the disc that connects your jawbone to the skull. It acts as a sliding hinge that opens and closes as you chew, laugh, smile, yawn or otherwise move your mouth. There are two temporomandibular joints on either side of the face. It is connected with muscles and ligaments that control your jaw movement.

Just like other bones, joints and muscles in the body, the TMJ system can suffer disorders. These are often painful episodes that can prevent you from biting, chewing or using your mouth as you please. Jaw injury, arthritis, improper movement, and genetics are the only known causes of TMJ disorders.

Diagnosis of TMJ at our clinic

Visit our High Desert Dental clinic if you experience excruciating pain or tenderness in the jaw. Have you suffered a physical blow to the TMJ joint? We will diagnose the problem and establish the cause of pain or soreness. Damage to the TMJ cartilage, erosion of the ligament or a dislocated jaw are some potential causes of TMJ disorders.

Our dental surgeons and assistants will observe the motion of your jawbone and temporomandibular joint. They may exert mild pressure on the area to establish the exact positions of pain. Next, we will order an x-ray examination to keenly observe the structure of the jaw and the TMJ joint.

Treatment of TMJ at our clinic

If you are suffering from TMJ disorders, the problem can go away on its own. However, we like to relieve you of your pain using anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. Your dosage will depend on the suspected cause of the TMJ problem.

Muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants can be recommended to relieve the depressed area. You may be put on medication for a few days or several weeks until the inflammation or pain subsides. If the pain persists, you may be advised to explore surgery to physically correct the problem.

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Explore our TMJ treatment today if you suspect that you are suffering from injury or underlying disease. At High Desert Dental clinic, we will also advise you on safe practices to avoid further injury, inflammation, and pain. Visit us today at Kingman, Arizona.

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