Tooth Extractions in Kingman, AZ

Tooth Extractions in Kingman, AZ

Are you looking for a reputable dental clinic in Kingman, Arizona to have a tooth extraction? You have come to the right place. The High Desert Dental clinic is a reputable center for all basic and advanced dental treatments. We have a team of highly experienced dentists and dental assistants.

We recommend several remedies to tooth cavities and diseases before exploring tooth extraction. This is because the procedure is invasive and is often irreversible. There is perhaps no way of filling the gap left behind by an extracted tooth.

Scenarios when you should explore tooth extraction

If you suffer from cavities, crowding, or bent teeth, schedule a visit to our clinic. This procedure often takes a few minutes. We will administer local anesthesia through an injection into the gum. A dentist then uses a pair of forceps to force the tooth out. We may administer medication to stop bleeding and avoid infections.

Do you have a tooth that has broken at the gum? This may complicate its extraction and usually requires a surgical approach. The same is true for teeth with extra-large or curved roots. Our dental assistant will prepare you for surgery to get rid of the infected root permanently.

Avoid smoking and eating sweet foods on the day of the tooth extraction. These may increase chances of a painful condition referred to as dry socket. We will advise you on the proper diet after the extraction to aid healing and recovery.

Benefits of our tooth extraction

Sometimes, refilling teeth may not be a viable solution. We occasionally recommend total extraction of the tooth. The result is less pain and discomfort when eating and sleeping. The absence of a foul-smelling tooth allows you to speak and smile with more confidence.

When we remove a decayed tooth at our High Desert Dental clinic, we prevent the problem from spreading to other teeth. Extraction also helps deal with overcrowded teeth, keeping you free from injuries associated with overlapped teeth.

We do not discriminate our patients. We serve both young and old with equal excellence. If there is a history of tooth decay in your family, bring your loved ones to our dental clinic for observation. You will all enjoy better dental health and high-quality lifestyles.

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