Should You Get Crown Lengthening?

Should You Get Crown Lengthening?

Feb 26, 2019

You might think why crown lengthening is important. Having a cavity and getting a crown often makes you think why you need a surgical procedure.

A crown lengthening is a procedure that helps in reshaping the gums by removing excess gum tissue that is covering your teeth. This increases the visibility of your teeth and makes them look bigger. It is a simple procedure done for both cosmetic and restorative reasons. Ultimately, gives you a bigger and brighter smile.

Benefits of getting crown lengthening-

High Desert Dental says crown lengthening offers several benefits. Firstly, it gives longer crowns visually and also allows any kind of restoration work required. The cosmetic benefit is it gives long looking teeth which makes your smile bigger and attractive.

For restoration purpose, a dentist in Kingman requires at least 2mm of healthy tooth enamel. If teeth break at the gum line, it can be affixed with restoration which functions like your original teeth.

What is the crown lengthening procedure like?

The crown lengthening procedure is painless and causes very little discomfort during recovery. Dentist in 86409 numbs the area while removing excess gum tissue on your teeth.

While trimming the gum tissue, the dentist at High Desert Dental makes adjustments to the underlying bone. Ultimately, teeth appear balanced and stay in place. Healing does not take much time and eventually improves the appearance of your smile.

How long does it take to recover from crown lengthening?

The recovery time of crown lengthening is very little and minimum. Dentist in Kingman, AZ recommends for the first 24 hours, you need to cautious around the area where the procedure has been carried out. You are required to eat soft foods for at least two to three days. Then, your gums will be back to normal in 1-2 weeks.

Once you have recovered completely, you can eat and drink like before. It is mandatory to follow the post-procedure instructions as it gives speedy recovery.

Practising good oral hygiene and keeping the area clean gives the desired results you have longed for.

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