5 Signs That We Need to Check Your Filling

5 Signs That We Need to Check Your Filling

If you are like normal adults in the country, you may be having at least one filling. Fillings are used for stopping tooth decay from spreading. Most of the fillings last for about 15 years but they may need to be replaced eventually, says the dentist in 86409. If you don’t replace the filling, you can jeopardize the health of your entire tooth and the remaining teeth in your mouth.

If you have dental fillings and you are experiencing any of the below mentioned signs, you may need to see your dentist in Kingman as soon as possible. He will examine and tell you if it’s time to replace the fillings.

1. You Experience Tooth Sensitivity

Are you experiencing sensitivity in your tooth when you drink something hot or cold? It is said that when your fillings need replacement, you will start to feel sensitivity. If a tooth with filling suddenly becomes sensitive to temperature, it is time to get examined.

2. You Feel Pressure When Biting Down

If you feel the sensation of pressure when you are chewing food, it is another sign that your filling can be compromised.

3. You Have a Persistent Dull Toothache

Are you feeling a dull but persistent toothache? The pain might not be excruciating but if you feel persistent aching in one of the teeth, it can be the sign of a problem. If the pain comes and goes periodically, it can also be a sign that the filling needs to be checked.

4. Your Tooth Surface Is Suddenly Rough

According to the dentist in Kingman, AZ, if your tooth surface which previously felt smooth, no longer feels that way, it could be because of the filling.

5. You See Physical Signs of a Damaged—or Missing—Filling

In some cases, people also see the physical signs of damage such as compromised filling because it looks cracked or broken or you may lose it altogether.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to visit the Kingman dentist near you for a replacement.

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