Guide to Types of Denture Materials

Guide to Types of Denture Materials

Have lost tooth or many teeth? Has your dentist told to have dentures? Do know there many types of dentures and denture materials? Well read on as modern dentistry is here to give you your smile back.

A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth or tooth and surrounding tissues. In the past dentures usually didn’t fit properly. They were bulky and often painful says the dentist near me. Today’s modern technology has brought remarkable improvement. Innovations in dentistry combined with modern light-weight materials mean current dentures are not only comfortable but closely resemble natural teeth.

Denture Materials:

ACRYLIC RESIN: According to a recent study acrylic resin has become the one of the popular materials used for denture teeth. Acrylic has emerged as the top preferred material for dentures partially as it adheres well to the base of the dentures. The adjustment can be done easily to provide optimal comfort and functionality. Additionally, acrylic resin is also a less expensive option. It’s light weight material.

PORCELAIN: Porcelain is favored by some dentists due to its strength and durability. It has a ceramic material that resembles glass says dentist in AZ 86409. It looks very close to natural teeth because of its translucent feature. Plus, it can be matched with colors as appropriate for each patient’s unique teeth color and shape. Porcelain material is very durable and strong.

Any people don’t like porcelain dentures as it has a potential to wear down natural teeth during the biting process.

PARTIAL METAL DENTURES: Metal base dentures are usually smaller than the porcelain and acrylic dentures. Because of its size patients have more comfortable. This is more expensive than other materials as it requires more time and labor. According to dentist near Kingman, AZ metal base dentures are very unique and natural looking.

The cleaning and maintenance of dentures is simple says Kingman dentist. It’s imperative to clean them daily. You must use soft tooth brushes, and warm water, not hot, to prevent warping. Dentures if cared for properly then can last for a very long time.

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