Pediatric Sealants for Maintaining Healthy Mouth in Children

Pediatric Sealants for Maintaining Healthy Mouth in Children

If you want your child to enjoy a healthy life, then you have to intervene as an adult. It takes deliberate effort to care for your child’s overall health, let alone dental health. Even then, you will need some medical assistance to get the health of your child to the level you want it. It is why pediatric dentistry exists, to cater to all the oral needs of kids.

What Are Dental Sealants

They feature plastic resin material that is applied over teeth to act as barriers against infection. The dental sealant treatment is offered under preventive dentistry for both kids and adults. However, the treatment majors of children dental care, since they are more prone to dental decay than adults.

Typically, the sealants work by creating a layer of protection on the surface of teeth, covering the pits and grooves of each tooth. Mostly, oral sealants are used for back teeth, since they have more pits and grooves than other teeth. Besides, they are the most likely to trap food residues and hide bacteria in the depressions.

Why Do Children Need Oral Sealants?

While you can encourage your child to practice proper oral hygiene, teeth sealants are still necessary for the health of your child. Ideally, brushing of teeth is not enough, particularly if you account for the soft bristles of children’s toothbrushes. Besides, the brushing technique of your child may not be as effective in cleaning out the plaque and food lodged in the depressions of teeth. This is why sealants are painted on teeth. The seal out the food residues and plaque from getting into the vulnerable areas of teeth.

How Long Do Teeth Sealants Last?

Sealants are not made to last a lifetime. They only protect the surfaces of teeth for children, until they are old enough to take better care of their teeth. Ideally, during the regular dental visits, the pediatric dentist will check the condition of the sealants. If there is a need, he/she will reapply them to improve the protection. However, one sealant application may last a couple of years before there is a need to reapply it.

How Are Sealants Applied?

The application of oral sealants is an easy procedure for a pediatric dentist to perform. After the target tooth is identified, a layer of sealant is painted over the tooth. The process of attaching the sealant to the tooth is called dental bonding. The material is then allowed to dry and harden. Ultraviolet light or laser can be used to speed up the hardening process. The plastic resin material is fully cemented to seal out all residue from the vulnerable spots of the tooth.

Is It Enough to Have Dental Sealants?

Your child or teenager will benefit a lot from dental sealants. However, it is not enough to ensure the perfect health of their teeth. Alongside the sealants, you must encourage your child to practice better oral care. Some of the tips to get your child’s dental health to a good state include:

  • Proper eating habits – be sure to watch out for what your child eats. Ensure they are feeding on a balanced diet, with vegetables and fruits as part of their daily meals. Besides, be sure to cut down on sugary foods in your house. The bacteria in the mouth love sugar, which is converted to acids that are not good for teeth. Limit the candies and sugary pastries in the snack options for your child.
  • Regular brushing – brushing teeth twice every day is not just something that pediatricians insist on. Keeping your teeth clean at least two times a day helps to fight any harmful bacteria and plaque from building up in the mouth.
  • Flossing – cleaning in between your teeth is a great way to prevent plaque from hiding in such places.
  • Regular dental visits – a pediatric dentist is best placed at observing the status of your child’s oral health. He/she can examine your child’s teeth for cavities and signs of decay before they advance.
  • How Much Do Oral Sealants Cost?

    The cost of tooth sealants ranges between $30 to $60 a tooth. However, some dental insurances can lower the costs, making it a little cheaper for you.

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