The 5 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Dental Implant

The 5 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Dental Implant

Most people are aware that you must get your missing tooth replaced not just for esthetic, but health benefits as well. The dental implants are one of the best options, which are durable as well as feel and look natural. However, you must know that not everyone is a good candidate for this amazing tooth replacement option, says the dentist in Kingman, AZ. Let’s explore:

  • Amount of Bone is Key

The implant dentist in Kingman says that the bottom part of the implant is like a screw, which needs a healthy jawbone to get attached to. When you have lost teeth, the bone begins to shrink. If it has been a long time since the tooth loss, the chances of bone loss are more. An x-ray can help in knowing if there is enough jaw bone to latch on to. People with bone loss are often not the right candidate for getting dental implants.

  • Smokers Beware

People who smoke heavily are known to be at a higher risk of implant failure, says the dentist near Kingman. Smokers take longer to heal the implants. Most dentists will ask you to first quit smoking and then come from the tooth replacement.

  • General Health

While people with well-controlled health issues can go ahead with implants, there are some exceptions, such as HIV, uncontrolled diabetes, immune disease, etc. also, if you are allergic to titanium, implants may not be a great option for you.

  • Getting A Dental Implant Is A Process

Getting dental implants is a procedure, which needs months for completion. First the dentist may extract the decayed tooth and some people may need bone grafting. Then the implant is placed and there is a healing phase of 5-6 months after, which the crown will be placed.

  • Frequent Checkups Are A Must

Once you have had the implants, it is a must to visit the Stockton Hill Rd Implant dentist so that he can evaluate the healing and if the implant is functioning well. Regular checkups help in knowing if your dental health is good after the implants.

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