What are Dental Sealants and How do They Help Teeth?

What are Dental Sealants and How do They Help Teeth?

Jun 16, 2019

Dental Sealants, as the name suggests are used to ‘Seal’ the tooth and prevent decay or damage. To get a sneak peek into what dental sealants are and how they help your teeth, read along.

How do Dental Sealants Work?

When we eat food, there is a chance that the food particles get stuck in any small gap between teeth or in crevices. This can lead to bacteria formation and further lead to cavities. Small cavities can keep getting bigger and damage the tooth further. Sealants, seal the gaps and prevent the condition from worsening. The dentists in Kingman, AZ ensure that your tooth remains healthy and no further decay takes place.

Who can get Dental Sealants?

Sealants can be suggested to those who have teeth that are more prone to cavities than that of others. Usually, sealants are suggested to kids between the age of 6 to 12. It is unusual to be suggested to adults.

What Kinds of Sealants are Popular?

Sealants are made of composite liquid resin and in order to be compatible with the tooth are then cured by light or chemical. Sealants comprise of little BPA but not above the required limit. The doctors at High Desert Dental will walk you through all the necessary steps involving sealants.

How Long do Dental Sealants Last?

If one maintains their oral hygiene regulary as directed by your dentist at 86409 your sealant can last upto a decade. The dentists at High Desert Dental will check the status of the sealant at every check -up and keep track of if it needs to be replaced.

Do Dental Sealants Hurt?

As there is no drilling or scraping required, dental sealants is a painless procedure. Normally, a dentist will clean the affected tooth and then apply a gel-bonding agent. Then, the sealant is applied and cured with a special blue light, or chemical rinse. Once the bonding dries up, the dentists at High Desert Dental will clean up any remaining solution on the tooth and you are done.

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