What are Some of the Different Bone Grafting Techniques?

What are Some of the Different Bone Grafting Techniques?

The dentist in Kingman, AZ will do a bone graft at the same time he removes a tooth, and pack the empty socket with some bone grafting material that will help prevent the bone from reabsorbing and preserve the bony ridge that used to hold on to your tooth.

Sometimes a block of bone is attached to the area where there is a deficiency, and this is held in place firmly with special fixation screws until this bone becomes grown into the alveolar bone. This technique is used for increasing the width and height of the alveolar bone.

There is a common method of bone grafting called a sinus graft or sinus lift. It may be called for if you need to replace the upper back teeth since the jawbone is close to your sinuses, which are empty and air-filled spaces.

It is not unusual for this bone to be thinner than normal, so a sinus lift is a procedure that allows the membrane to be lifted in the sinus cavity by moving it upwards gently, getting it out of the way and making room for the bone grafting material to get packed into this new space that has been created. It will help thicken the bone in this particular area.

Many times, bone grafts can be placed by using direct tissue regeneration. This is where a special membrane is put over the bone graft, placing it in between the gum and bone tissue. It helps to make sure that this bone grows in the right area so that it will provide the best level of support needed for your gums. When the bone grows, the membrane that was placed is slowly absorbed.

If only a small amount of bone is needed, it could be possible to put it in at the same time as they do your implant. At other times, a bone graft will be carried out in a separate procedure so you will have to wait several months for it to adhere and integrate with your own bone before it is strong enough to hold a dental implant.

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